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Near future. Planet population decreased by 70% after a succession of nuclear wars and horrifying destructions.

The mysterious Mr. Ivil who has united the scattered gangs into one army of thugs is looking for the drawing of the long forgotten Inola project. In search for their treasure, they rob and murder innocent people, destroying settlements. Don't let them destroy the planet.

The A.O.D squad confronts them under your command. You are searching the drawing too to assemble the machine that will either save or destroy mankind. Who will be the first or last? Its up to you, Commander. Defend your civilization!

Download Art of Defence now and enjoy top dynamic tower defence strategy with great isometric graphics! You can play offline! Rise your empire! Restore peace and Defend your technological kingdoms.

  • → Dynamic battles won't leave you bored;
  • → Play offline! No internet connection is required;
  • → Elements of Tower Defence, RPG, and tactical strategy;
  • → Over 500 sectors for real-time battles;
  • → Various location of warfare from small villages to huge abandoned megapolises;
  • → New Tower Defence modes: escape, fog, survival;
  • → Over unique 1000 tower upgrades (tanks, minigun, air defence, etc.);
  • → 6 unique heroes to explore and level up
  • → Nuclear bombs, ionic satellite attacks, ballistic barrages, other boosters;
  • → Hundreds of card upgrades for each tower

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